The Backstreet

BackstreetThe Backstreet is London's oldest and strictest dresscode bar - 32 years old this year. It's open Thursday to Sunday, and has a private outdoor smoking area, which is not overlooked.

Leather or rubber is mandatory - more details on the Dresscode page - and special concessions apply on certain nights. Friday nights, entrance is free for people in tall boots, while on Saturday it's free for those in full rubber.

Normal entrance charges are £5 for Backstreet members, and £10 for non-members, making it one of the less pricey venues in London. There is no additional charge for IGNITE events.

Please remember that smoking is not allowed in the club itself, in accordance with UK law. You may only smoke in the outdoor smoking/cruising area.

The smoking area is open whenever the club is - you don't have to wait for IGNITE to come along before you can light up.

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